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(Yong En and Yue En's mother)
I came to know about Creative Horizons through the grapevine of parents looking for competent English teachers... who not only have a good command of English but... also instill the love for learning English... And I found these in all the teachers in Creative Horizons...

My children enjoy attending the enrichment lessons in Creative Horizons very much.
Kim Hong (Parents)

The excellent team of teachers at Creative Horizons not only imparts knowledge and love for English, but also motivates and inspires my daughters to be creative and to explore learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

For Samira and Fariha, reading, writing and speaking English is no longer a bugbear but a journey of understanding knowledge, independent thinking and self-discovery.
Mrs Lily Shah (Parents)

I like Creative Horizons because there, learning is fun and interesting. There is a library where I can borrow books from.
Bridget Lam (Lower Primary - Pri 1 & 2)

Creative Horizons has helped me stimulate my creative brain juices. It has also helped me to  develop critical thinking skills.
Jonathan Chan (Junior College)

I like Creative Horizons because the teachers are patient and friendly, I can make new friends.
Chun Jeng (Upper Primary - Pri 5 & 6)

Lessons are interesting and enriching. I get to learn writing skills that are not taught in schools. The teachers are also very caring and help us to improve in what we are not good at.
Benjamin Ng (Upper Primary - Pri 5 & 6)

I have been attending classes at Creative Horizons for 4 years. It allows me to have freedom of thought and expression. Furthermore, it encourages my creativity.
Andreas Tassirini (Upper Primary - Pri 5 & 6)

The teachers here are friendly, easy-going, caring, encouraging, inspiring and just awesome!
Lim Yang (Junior College)

I love coming here to learn and it has made English my favorite subject.
Isaac Au (Lower Primary - Pri 1 & 2)

I like Creative Horizons because lessons are fun and interesting. It is also easy to make friends here. Creative Horizons has allowed me to improve on my English!
Clara Chua (Upper Primary - Pri 5 & 6)

Creative Hoizons encourages me to take changes and be more daring when it comes to creative writing.
Tobias Tan (Lower Secondary - Sec 1 & 2)

I like the lessons because the teachers are very kind and explain the words very clearly.
Claire Ng (Lower Primary - Pri 1 & 2)

In Creative Horizons, I get to learn new things every week. I have been in Creative Horizons for 5 years and I still look forward to attending classes.
Wesley Teng (Upper Primary - Pri 5 & 6)

We like Creative Horizons because classes stretch our thinking abilities and encourage us to adopt a creative side to our writing. Classes also scaffold our writing process and generally develop our writing skills with meticulous, patient teachers. The conducive environment provided also allows us to nuture our innate ability to excel.
Ken Oung & Benjamin Toh (Upper Secondary - Sec 3 - 5)

I found that after attending Creative Horizons Language Centre for just a year, my daughter's self-confidence and self-esteem grew. Her analytical skills were honed and her understanding of the English language improved with her writing skills becoming more fluent. She was exposed to a wide range of texts further enhancing her understanding of English literature. She enjoys the class very much and finds the teachers methods effective.
Mrs Uma Devi Sritharan (Parents)

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