Course Description

A course that offers an opportunity to learn from good writing. Students read exceptional writing, analyse its merits and emulate certain aspects to create their own original repsonses.

Writer’s Window 1 (Lower Sec) Writer’s Window 2 (Upper Sec)
  • Writing from a Character’s Perspective
  • Use of Figurative and Descriptive Language
  • Realistic and Complex Characters
  • Generating Stories from Familiar Themes
  • Reworking Old Themes
  • Foreshadowing
  • Expository – Pattern of organisation
  • Persuasive – Concession/Rebuttal
  • Argumentative – Considering All Factors
  • Argumentative – Sound reasoning and credible evidence
  • Narrative – Complex Characters
  • Reflective – Personal Narrative
Course Frequency
Monday - Saturday, 6 lessons per week, 1½ hours per lesson
Course Fee
$350 (inclusive of GST)

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