A Comprehension Skills Course

Course Description

A good reader not only comprehends what he reads but is also able to demonstrate his understanding.
Comprehending passages and answering questions well are essential skills for any student. Our course targets essential reading skills like accuracy in reading, understanding of idea development, handling complex sentences and making inferences. It also provides guidance on good answering techniques for comprehension questions like precision, comprehensiveness and accurate rephrasing.

Reading Right will equip you with skills to be a much better reader.

Reading Right 100 Reading Right 200
  • Identifying main ideas
  • Reading for details
  • Understanding sequence
  • Understanding meanings of unfamiliar words
  • Simple inference with clues
  • Accuracy in answers
  • Identifying main ideas
    Noting details
  • Explaining the meaning of unfamiliar words
  • Understanding sequence
  • Making inferences
  • Completeness in answers
Reading Right 300 Reading Right 400
  • Skimming and scanning
  • Explaining meanings of words
  • Rephrasing –restating ideas
  • Approach to multiple-choice questions
  • Accuracy in inference questions
  • Interpreting graphics stimulus
  • Identifying main ideas
  • Understanding through sentence structures
  • Details through Content Words
  • Understanding sequence
  • Inferring from contextual clues
  • Figurative language – metaphors
Reading Right 500 Reading Right 600
  • Inferring main ideas
  • Understanding details that build up the passage content
  • Reading for details
  • Appropriateness and Accuracy in answers
  • Inferring meanings of unfamiliar words
  • Understanding Idiomatic expressions from context clues
  • Identifying Main Ideas for summary
  • Inferring Meanings of Words and Answers
  • Using Contextual Clues to Comprehend Cloze Passage
  • Comprehending through Questions
  • Comprehending the Development of Ideas
  • Comprehending different kinds of reading materials
Reading Right 700/800 Reading Right 900/1000
  • Reading for specific information
  • Summary skills
  • Understanding writer’s intentions
  • Completeness of answers
  • Dealing with unfamiliar words
  • Explanation of figurative language
  • Understanding complex passages 
  • Choosing relevant points for a summary 
  • Language of summary
  • Accuracy and precision of vocabulary
  • Handling of vocabulary and Language Appreciation Questions
  • Review of Reading-related skills
Course Frequency
6 lessons (90 minutes per lesson)
Course Fee
$350 (inclusive of GST)

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