A programme designed for young and vocal learners who are starting to read and are ready to develop comprehension and to express themselves in writing.

Course Description
  • Vocabulary development - understanding new words contextually , acquiring new vocabulary and using new words appropriately
  • Reading and comprehending - words, phonics through guided reading, responding to questions, comparing information, predicting

  • English Language usage - common sentence structures, questions and answers

  • Understanding stories - characters, themes, plots, setting, connecting to life experiences, retelling familiar stories

  • Writing strategies - writing words and brief sentences, writing legibly using both uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet, using proper spacing of letters and words

  • Listening and speaking - short poems, rhymes, songs, oral presentations, descriptions, relating experiences in logical sequence, sharing information and ideas

Course Frequency
10 weeks per term, 4 terms per year
Course Fee
$750 per term

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