About Us
Think, Create, Achieve

  • Our Vision

      Creative Horizons

  • Creativity

    At Creative Horizons, we encourage our students to exercise their creativity. Our students are given freedom and space to explore and develop their ideas whilst having enough structure and guidance so that they will not lose focus and stray off point. Some example of our student tasks include:

    • Learning how to give appropriate responses by writing a letter of advice to a disgruntled hen
    • Understanding how to appeal to target audiences by creating advertisements to sell cars
    • Focusing on sensory details by writing from the point of view of a sponge
    • Practising expressing appreciation by designing a Mothers' Day card

  • Independence

    At Creative Horizons, we give our students the skills needed to work independently. They are encouraged to form their own opinions and develop their own ideas. Through this, they gain self-confidence and learn the value of taking pride in their work. Some example of our student tasks include:

    • Forming and expressing opinions by arguing for and against piracy and censorship
    • Understanding strengths by writing analogies about themselves
    • Developing confidence by writing short speeches and presenting them in class
    • Cultivating self-discipline by doing individual writing pieces

  • Logical & Lateral Thinking

    At Creative Horizons, we develop and sharpen our students’ thinking skills. They learn to analyse and synthesise concepts and ideas and to think out-of-the-box, fostering logical and lateral thinking skills. Some examples of our student tasks include:

    • Thinking outside the box by coming up with different ideas for laptops and literature
    • Exercising thinking skills and activating vocabulary by solving word riddles and crossword puzzles
    • Developing analytical skills by solving syllogisms and logic puzzles
    • Practising synthesis by bringing together content, tone, visuals and persuasive language to create a pamphlet advocating the banning of electronics

  • Nurturing Environment

    Students at Creative Horizons will have trained and talented teachers who guide, support and nurture them in a nurturing and friendly environment. Our students find themselves:

    • Experimenting with writing styles and techniques knowing that the teachers will ensure they stay within acceptable boundaries
    • Taking comfort in the knowledge that their teachers are trained and talented at guiding students to achieve their personal bests
    • Feeling at home in our warm, friendly and conducive learning environment
    • Assuring their parents that they will be given continual feedback with regards to their performance in the form of parent-teacher meetings and progress reports

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